Tips for Buyers


- Is the chimney leaning or bulging?

- Are there signs of defective chimney stacks and pots? E.g. White furry salts in the brickwork, brown staining on the chimney breast?

- Are there signs of small plants growing from the top or sides of the chimney stack?

- Is there damp staining around a chimney breast?

- Is there deterioration in the brickwork or leadwork?


- If there’s a flat roof are there any signs of standing water or ‘ponding’, cracked joins or vegetation growth?

- If the roof is tiled are there any that have slipped or are missing?


- Are any of the gutters split, damaged or do they have vegetation growing in them?


- Are the drainage gulleys blocked by debris?

- Are the plugholes slow clearing?

- Are there any unpleasant smells from blocked drains?


- Is any of the retaining wall in the garden leaning, cracking or disintegrating?

- Are there signs of Japanese knotweed growth in the garden or in neighbouring properties?


- Is there damp staining or discolouration on a ceiling indicating that water is coming from above?

- Does timber feel wet and soft under the paintwork indicating signs of wet rot?

- Does the timber feel dry and crumbly with signs of cracking across the grain indicating signs of dry rot?


- Are there any obvious signs of damp or mould which could mean poor ventilation or insulation?

- Are there cracks in the plasterwork and any ‘rippling’ effects in the wallpaper that aren’t caused by damp, which could indicate movement in the property?

- Are there signs of horizontal cracking which could mean early stage cavity wall-tie failure on the exterior of the building?

- On the outside wall are there damp patches, discolouration or salty deposits indicating signs of leaking gutters?


- Is there springiness in the floor?


- Are there signs of sticky doors?


- Does the timber frame of the windows show signs of rotting or leaking?

- For PVC windows, are there signs of brittle or cracking sealant around the frame?

- Is there any condensation on the window which could means there’s inadequate ventilation or poor insulation?


- Do the showers, basins and baths have signs of cracked or failed sealant?

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