Tips for Buyers
A checklist of what to look for…

Tips for Buyers

Finding a new home is exciting, but there are certain things that you should be looking out for when viewing your potential new home. Take care to check these tips when visiting each property.


  • Is the chimney leaning or bulging?
  • Are there signs of defective chimney stacks and pots? E.g. White furry salts in the brickwork, brown staining on the chimney breast?
  • Are there signs of small plants growing from the top or sides of the chimney stack?
  • Is there damp staining around a chimney breast?
  • Is there deterioration in the brickwork or leadwork?



  • If there’s a flat roof are there any signs of standing water or ‘ponding’, cracked joins or vegetation growth?
  • If the roof is tiled are there any that have slipped or are missing?}


  • Are any of the gutters split, damaged or do they have vegetation growing in them?


  • Are the drainage gulleys blocked by debris?
  • Are the plugholes slow clearing?
  • Are there any unpleasant smells from blocked drains?


  • Is any of the retaining wall in the garden leaning, cracking or disintegrating?
  • Are there signs of Japanese knotweed growth in the garden or in neighbouring properties?


  • Is there damp staining or discolouration on a ceiling indicating that water is coming from above?
  • Does timber feel wet and soft under the paintwork indicating signs of wet rot?
  • Does the timber feel dry and crumbly with signs of cracking across the grain indicating signs of dry rot?


  • Are there any obvious signs of damp or mould which could mean poor ventilation or insulation?
  • Are there cracks in the plasterwork and any ‘rippling’ effects in the wallpaper that aren’t caused by damp, which could indicate movement in the property?
  • Are there signs of horizontal cracking which could mean early stage cavity wall-tie failure on the exterior of the building?
  • On the outside wall are there damp patches, discolouration or salty deposits indicating signs of leaking gutters?


  • Is there springiness in the floor?


  • Are there signs of sticky doors?


  • Does the timber frame of the windows show signs of rotting or leaking?
  • For PVC windows, are there signs of brittle or cracking sealant around the frame?
  • Is there any condensation on the window which could means there’s inadequate ventilation or poor insulation?


  • Do the showers, basins and baths have signs of cracked or failed sealant?
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Our specialist team

Exciting times, buying a property, however there’s a lot to do and think about.

At Jeffrey Ross we want to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our specialist team can guide you through the process and give advice on what to look for in a property and all the right steps to take going forward. Not only that, but we can help you sell your current home, faster.


Tips for moving in

When moving to a new home, there’s a lot to remember and consider. Make sure you don’t forget your kettle for a good cuppa on moving day, and pack a box of the essentials you might need.

Try to ensure you have labelled all of your boxes for ease of unpacking and unloading. If you can move home on a weekday to avoid the weekend traffic and get a better removals rate.

But most of all – try not to stress! Moving should be an enjoyable experience, so take a breath and get started in your lovely new home.