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New research has found that many homeowners fail to report crime as they are worried it might bring down the price of their property.


The research revealed that one in 10 Brits have been a victim of crime but decided not reported it as they fear it would end up on a police crime map and devalue their house or make it more difficult to rent.


Anti-social behaviour was the most commonly unreported crime (33%) followed by vehicle crime (25%) and burglary and/or shoplifting (24%).


It seems that online crime maps are putting people off reporting crimes as the research found that 4.5 million Brits would consider not reporting a crime, or would discourage their neighbour from reporting crime, because of it appearing on an online map. People living in Newcastle, Birmingham, London and Glasgow are the least likely to report a crime for this reason.


Ross Hooper-Nash, managing director of Jeffrey Ross Estate Agents, said: “This is a worrying trend that I hope we won’t see in Cardiff. These crime maps are there to help police and to give confidence to homeowners that there really isn’t that much crime in their areas.

“Not reporting crime for fear of bringing down house prices is silly and baseless as house prices are based on many factors and not just local crime rates. In most instances insurance companies won’t pay out on a claim if they aren’t given a crime number, so to hear that nearly a quarter would not report a burglary and vehicle crime is really worrying.”