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Would you buy a house which was numbered 13? Well, for some the number 13 could mean they walk home with £9,000 more in their pockets.

Research by Zoopla has found that a house numbered 13 is on average £9000 cheaper than an equivalent home.

The research also revealed that nearly a third of those looking for a new home would be less likely to buy number 13.

Houses at number one tend to be the priciest, while number 100 was the next most expensive home.

Ross Hooper-Nash, managing director of Jeffrey Ross Estate Agents, said: “I have in my time seen people who are reluctant to look at house which is numbered 13, but never anyone who is put off completely. It is ridiculous to think that people could be put off from, what maybe an amazing home, just because of the number.

“Please don’t be put off a house just because of its number. There is much more science and emotion to house buying than just a number – believe me.”