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Be ‘rent ready’ with JeffreyRoss


Required information

To proceed with an application for a tenancy with JeffreyRoss, we will require you to provide all the relevant documents listed below and send to: Please get yourself ‘rent ready’ before viewing to avoid missing out on properties you like with us.


All applicants and guarantors are required to provide:

  • Photographic Identification (Passport / Driving license)
  • Proof of current address (Utility bill, bank statement, tenancy agreement)

Applicants from overseas are required to provide a copy of their Visa(s) as confirmation that you are eligible to live, work or study in the UK.

Application Form

All applicants and guarantors over the age of 18 are required to complete an application form. Prior to completing the application form, please check that you meet the affordability criteria (see below).

Click here to download our application form.

We request that you complete and return the application form with all relevant documents within 48 hours of paying the holding deposit.

Credit Check

We will complete a credit check on ALL applicants and guarantors. If you are aware of any adverse credit history (CCJ, bankruptcy, insolvency) you MUST declare this prior to applying to rent a property. Failure to declare adverse credit history could result in your application being declined and the loss of your holding deposit.

Landlord Reference

We require a reference from your most recent landlord / letting agency. The reference should confirm the following:

  • Tenancy start and end date
  • Level / share of rent that you have been paying
  • Details of any arrears and / or late payments
  • Duration of tenancy
  • Condition of the property
Financial Qualification


We require confirmation of employment on letter headed paper or via a company email from a HR/senior manager. The reference should confirm the following:

  • Your position within the company
  • Nature of your contract (full time/part time/permanent/temporary/zero hours)
  • Confirmation of basic annual salary
  • Confirmation of any annual commission / salary bonus
  • Confirmation of whether you are under any notice period to terminate employment
  • In addition to the above, please provide your last 3 payslips


We require confirmation from your registered accountant of your average income over the last 2 years and ask them to comment on your financial ability to meet rental payments for the full rental amount on a monthly basis. If you do not have an accountant, we require copies of self-assessment tax returns for the last 2 years and copies of your last 6 months bank statements.


We require a copy of your most recent annual pension statement and copies of your last 6 months bank statements.


We require:

  • A copy of your university enrolment letter and confirmation of any funding available to you.
  • If you are an overseas sponsored student, we require a letter from your Embassy confirming the details of your sponsorship and funding.
  • Guarantor – please see below the criteria for a guarantor.

Guarantors are required to own a home in the UK and have an income that meets a higher affordability than a tenant. Our affordability table can be seen below.

As a guarantor, you are committing to guarantee a tenancy, not an individual applicant. Joint tenants are jointly and severally liable for all the obligations under a tenancy agreement. By acting as guarantor, you could be responsible for the full rent, in addition to any other breach of the contract by the Tenant(s).

Guarantors are required to complete and return an application form and provide the following documents:

  • Photographic Identification (Passport / Driving License)
  • One of the following – Employment reference / accountant reference / copies of self-assessment tax returns for at least 2 years / annual pension statement

Click here to download our guarantor form.

Payment In Advance

If you pay more than 3 months rent in advance, we will apply Anti-Money Laundering measures and demonstrate due diligence with all new and continuing applicants.


Affordability Table

Prior to completing an application, please check that you meet the affordability criteria in the table below.


Affordability Table

Prior to completing an application, please click here to view our affordability criteria.

Monthly Rent
Tenant Minimum Salary
Guarantor Minimum Salary
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If you are thinking of renting property and are unsure of the procedures, contact our friendly and professional team. They will explain everything so that the process is as stress-free as possible.