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Tenant’s Guide to Legislation

Guiding you through contracts & legislation

Contracts and legislation can get tricky. We got our letting professionals to put together a legislation guide to help you through some of the complex parts of renting a property. If you need any extra help, just get in touch with your local branch.


Tenancy Deposits

Tenancy Deposits now need to be protected.
Tenant Deposit Protection – for your peace of mind.


From April 6th 2007 all deposits for new Assured Shorthold Tenancies must be protected by an approved scheme. There were three schemes introduced by government TDS (The Dispute Service), DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) and TDSL(Tenancy Deposit Solutions) also known as my deposits.

  • Jeffrey Ross is a member of the DPS & TDSL
  • Tenants must be told how their deposit is protected
  • EPC (energy performance certificates) for all rental properties since October 2008

End of Tenancy:

  • We have a documented process for your deposit return
  • Deposit is returned as agreed between Landlord and Tenant
    Dispute Resolution Service:
  • If Landlord and Tenant do not agree
  • Either can refer the dispute to the TDS/DPS or TDSL
  • Jeffrey Ross pay deposit over to the TDSL/DPS
  • TDSL/DPS come to an independent conclusion based on the facts presented
  • Deposit distributed by the TDSL/DPS


  • Leaflet from TDSL/DPS available to download
  • TDSL/DPS websites available for information

Housing Bill:

Find out more about the Housing Act

HMO License (House in multiple occupation licence)
Lots of people will live in properties that are legally required to be licensed. These are properties with 5 or more people who are not all a part of the same immediate family living on three or more floors.

In some areas, other rented properties also need a license.

If your property does require a license, ask your landlord for a copy. Details about HMO Licences can be found here.

If you live in an HMO your landlord has to meet extra responsibilities which are in addition to their repair responsibilities. These are on:

  • Fire and general safety – mainly the provision of properly working smoke and/or heat detectors with alarms and a safe means of escape in case of fire
  • Water supply and drainage – these cannot be unreasonably interrupted and must be kept clean and in good repair
  • Gas and electricity – appliances and installations must be safe, which includes arranging an annual gas safety check and having electrical installations checked at least every five years
  • Communal areas – such as staircases, halls, corridors and entrances, must be kept in good decorative repair, clean and reasonably free from obstructions
  • Waste disposal – there must be enough bins for rubbish and adequate means of disposing of rubbish
  • Living accommodation – the living accommodation and any furniture supplied must be clean and in good repair. 
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